Case Studies Regulatory Compliance

PAG helps new affinity card issuer build compliance infrastructure


Company: New Market Entrant – US Co-Brand & Branded

Company was planning to enter the US Credit Card Market and had no compliance personnel or infrastructure to support their efforts. As they were looking to procure affinity partners, they were facing numerous audits for documentation and processes that did not exist.

PAG Solution:
PAG was engaged in a 3-stage approach, which started with PAG building out over 50 policies and supporting procedures to govern regulatory expectations and to support ongoing call center operations. From there, PAG documented technical requirements to help the client’s engineers program the regulatory requirements and controls directly into the proprietary card system. PAG then built user test cases and performed user acceptance testing to ensure all programmed controls were working as intended. PAG also supplied the client with a highly qualified Chief Compliance Officer to help guide their internal efforts, hiring practices, and to represent them in customer facing meetings.

Client Benefits:

  1. PAG was able to successfully build out our client’s complete Compliance Management System allowing them to successfully pass multiple prospective partner audits which led to several lucrative affinity relationships.
  2. PAG’s staff allowed the client to focus us their system engineering efforts while saving time, money, and resources on needed Compliance activities.
  3. PAG assisted the client’s eventual hiring of their internal Compliance Department by interviewing prospective employees and training them to be successful in taking over PAG Compliance duties in time.
  4. Our client was able to successfully pass a regulatory audit after 1 year in practice with zero significant findings or MRA’s.