We have helped numerous clients achieve their marketing and underwriting growth initiatives, improve account management and collection performance, and prepare for regulatory audits.

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PAG can help our banking clients optimize their portfolios’ performance through advanced analytics while simultaneously preparing them for the enhanced regulatory needs of our current operating environment.


PAG will help you effectively and efficiently improve your performance while constantly being mindful of regulatory requirements.


  • Develop innovative and effective marketing and underwriting models
  • Design account strategies to encourage controlled growth
  • Implement customer-friendly treatment strategies to solve financial difficulties
  • Prepare documentation and identify operational risk before customer harm can occur


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Underwriting Strategies

Let PAG build a new underwriting model which could include scorecards, strategies and/or credit policy to help grow your business while taking on the least amount of risk possible

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Collections Optimization

PAG has Collection SMEs with 20 plus years of experience who can help redesign your organization, optimize your collections strategies, install and utilize cutting edge digital technologies and reduce inefficiencies/costs from any operation

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Credit Reporting & Disputes Management

PAG has years of experience redesigning credit reporting policies and procedures, building and file testing Metro 2 files, conducting system and tradeline testing, and optimizing dispute performance to help your business thrive in any audit or regulatory review

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Regulatory Readiness Preparation

We can perform vertical and horizontal reviews of all your business lines to ensure full compliance with all regulations, polices, procedures and compliance expectations. Our Compliance SMEs can prioritize all of your improvement opportunities into an easy to understand enhancement plan

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