General Consulting


We have helped dozens of clients raise over 3 billion in capital.
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Provide cutting edge analytics to support our client’s business objectives efficiently and effectively.


PAG will improve your understanding of your business’skey trends and performance indicators to help you make the most informed decisions.


  • Evaluate your needs
  • Learn your business
  • Understand your risk
  • Propose a solution
  • Execute the plan
  • Quantify the results


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Regulatory &

PAG can perform operational risk assessments and RCSAs to help you implement changes to better adhere to your polices and procedures

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Builds/ Validation

We specialize in building all sorts of models and scorecards to support business needs and growth including the associated documentation requirements. We can also validate your existing scorecards/models to ensure proper fit and performance

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If you need to forecast credit losses, market opportunity, conduct portfolio valuations or predict future performance, the data experts at PAG can use some of the most advanced forecasting models in the industry to understand the future of your business

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Capital Raising

Whether you need contacts to attract bidders or advanced analysis to support your financing needs, PAG can providehundreds of years of experience and analytics that has helped our clients raisehundreds of millions in business funding.

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Account Management Support

Because our SMEshave years of client-side management experience, they are well equipped to support any operating model with whatever is needed to progress your business forward.

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Data and Articles

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